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This is an interview that Joe McGinty @ the local news station did on me in August of '09.

April 16th Needham Times Story (click picture to view)

April 23 Needham Times Followup Story Page 1 (click Picture to view)

April 23 Needham Times Followup Story Page 2 (click Picture to view)

Pictures of my Transformation

Starting on June 7th, I took a picture of me on the 7th of every month wearing the exact same outfit. Near the end, I was holding my shorts up with my hands in the pockets and for the final pictures I had to tie a string around them. lol This entire transformation took 10 months!

DATE: June 7th WEIGHT: 276.7

Me By The Front Door April 7th

July 7th Weight: 254.6
Monthly Loss: 22.1 Total Loss: 22.1


August 7th Weight: 237.2
Monthly Loss: 17.4 Total Loss: 39.5


September 7th Weight: 224.8
Monthly Loss: 12.4 Total Loss: 51.9

October 7th Weight: 211.6
Monthly Loss: 13.2 Total Loss: 65.1

November 7th Weight: 195.2
Monthly Loss: 16.4 Total Loss: 81.5

December 7th Weight: 183.8
Monthly Loss: 11.4 Total Loss: 92.9

January 7th Weight: 175.0
Monthly Loss: 8.8 Total Loss: 101.7

February 7th Weight: 169.6
Monthly Loss: 5.6 Total Loss: 107.1

March 7th Weight: 164.2
Monthly Loss: 5.4 Total Loss: 112.5

April 7th Weight: 163.6
Monthly Loss: 0.5 Total Loss: 113.0