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BLOG. Below are direct links to each Blog that I have posted. It probably makes the most sense to read them in order as I will sometimes refer back to them in later blog entries. That said, here is a direct link to My Blog on

For the most part I have tried to post them so that you can have an understanding of where I have come from and how I ended up in the shape that I am, both physically and mentally. One of my friends mentioned that I write exactly the way that I speak and I suppose that's probably a good thing. Others have said I am speaking from my heart and have been critically honest. Again, that's probably a good thing and also true. I have never written anything for public scrutiny before so being myself is all that I know. Unfortunately they are extremely long (I call them bloated) but realistically what you are reading has probably been cut down in half as I wanted to show some mercy on the people who actually take the time to read them. Thanks.