Hello. I initially launched this website to keep everyone that knows me updated on my progress as I pursued my lifelong dream of running the Boston Marathon. On 04/20/09, I accomplished my goal, running Boston nonstop in 4:45. In the process I lost a significant amount of weight and extended my life, all within a relatively short 10 month period simply by changing my eating and exercise habits.

Unfortunately my 12 year old niece Julia is not as fortunate, having been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis within 3 days of her birth. I was able to save my life and it is now my life's goal to do whatever I can to help save hers through running marathons.

I also want to show others that you can change your life, regardless of your age or physical condition and that if you believe in yourself, that you CAN obtain goals in life that may seem impossible. If you tell yourself you can, you will. I am living proof of that. Contact:

On Sept 30, 2012, I will be running the 2012 BMW Berlin Marathon, continuing on my quest to raise as much money as I can for cystic fibrosis research in support of my 13 year old niece Julia and the thousands of others who battle with CF everyday. For this marathon, I will be running for Team Boomer (Boomer Esiason Foundation) and 100% of your donation will go towards fighting the battle of Cystic Fibrois. If you would like to donate, please click on the blue DONATE button below to go to my Firstgiving donation page. ANY donation would mean a lot to me, to Jullia and everyone else afflicted with this disease.Thank you!

Latest Video:"Just Say Julia" (for 2012 Berlin Marathon)
This video took me approx. 3 years to make. It started with a simple idea and blossomed from there. As with running marathons to raise money for cystic fibrosis and hopefully inspiring other to get healthy, I will never stop doing anything I can to always keep a smile on Julia's face. Feel free to send "Julia" videos to me at Roger@RFME.org. Thanks.

VIDEO 1:"My Journey To The Boston Marathon"
(aka "The most inpiring video you will ever watch!")

This is part one of my 2009 Boston Marathon fundraising video that was originally made on 04/12/09. Since then it has received ~5000 views on Youtube. In October 2010 a friend asked if he could rename and repost it on Youtube and I said go for it. Since then it has taken off, which proves that I should NOT be in marketing! lol This was my first foray into video editing so please ignore the flaws.

You Can Download The Updated Version (12/17/11) By Clicking HERE

VIDEO 2: 2009 Boston Marathon Video
Part 2: How I Did It

This is part 2 of my 2009 Boston Marathon CF fundraising video that I created on 04/12/09. I thought I would just add a quick video onto the end of "Part 1" on how I did it. Put a camera on a tripod and just started speaking with no script in one take. Originally it was the second half of the above video but YouTube required me to split it up as both parts together exceeded their 10 minute limit.

You Can Download The Video By Clicking HERE

Most Recent Video (posted 09/16/11)
"iRun: My Journey To The 2011 New York City Marathon"

The organizers of the New York City Marathon sent out an email asking participants why they run. After writing up my response I decided it would be better understood if I made a video out of my response. This video represents the last 3 years of my life and summarises what happened to me after I ran my first marathon (Boston 2009).

VIDEO 3: 2010 Boston Marathon Video
"One Day"
This is the second video that I did for my 2nd Boston Marathon in order to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis research on 04/20/10. It is my sincere belief that "one day" they will find a cure for CF. :)
Download the full mashup MP3 by clicking the link below:
Mashup Germany - One Day

VIDEO 4: 2011 London Marathon Video
"London Calling"
This is the video I did for the 2011 London Marathon that I ran on 04/17/11. Rather than send out a video before the race, I decided to make the video after the race and send it out as a thanks to the people who supported me. Disappointed with my time, but as I love number sequesnces, was happy that I was able to hit 04:32:10!
Norweigian Recycling - Miracles

VIDEO 5: 2011 Ragnar New England Relay
"Smells lIke Bean Spirit"
This is the video I did for the 2011 Ragnar New England Relay that I ran with 10 other running friends, the majority of them coming from New York, on May 20-21, 2011. The course ran from New Haven, CT (Yale) to Cambridge, MA (Harvard) and the total distance was 198 miles of which I ran 24.4 miles.
The Kleptones - This Song Smells

Marathons/Endurance Races Run .....

2009:.Boston Marathon 04/20 Cape Cod Marathon 10/25

2010: Phoenix (Ultra/31 Miles)
01/17 Boston 04/19 Wakefield 08/30 Chicago 10/10

2011: FT Worth Cowtown (Ultra/31 Miles)
02/27 London Marathon 04/17 Ragnar NE Relay (198 miles) 05/20 New England Relay (225 miles) 06/11 Wakefield Ultra (54.8 Miles) 07/29 Reach The Beach Relay 09/16 New York City Marathon 11/06

2012: Miami Marathon 01/29 Hyannis Marathon 02/26 Boston Marathon 04/18 Ragnar Relay 05/11-12 Worcester Marathon 06/03 Wakefield Ultra (Double Marathon) 07/27-28

Upcoming Races

2012: Berlin Marathon (09/30) Metro PCS (Dallas) Marathon (12/09)
2013: Georgia Marathon (03/17) Flying Pig (Cincinnati) Marathon (05/04-05)

Before and After: To the left should be 2 pictures. The 1st one was taken on 06/07/08, I weighed 276.7 pounds and had just finished walking 3 miles, which took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete. I tried "running" but had to stop after ~10 yards as I was out of breath and my shins and knees were killing me. I seriously wondered whether I would ever be able to run 1 mile, let alone 26.2 miles.

The 2nd picture was taken 10 months later on 04/07/09. I weighed 163.6 pounds (a total loss of 113 pounds in 10 mos) and I had just run 21 miles nonstop, finishing on Heartbreak Hill. I really wasn't exhausted and every part of my body felt fine. It took me 3 hours and 19 minutes!

The Boston Marathon is, without question, one of the greatest marathons in the world. I have now run it twice, knocking 26

minutes off of my 2009 time, running it in 4:19. In addition to raising money for CF, I continue to run marathons because I enjoy them, I like challenging myself, and it is a great way to maintain a healthy lifesyle.

I have discovered that regardless of my age (51), previous eating habits, a complete lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, that I have been able to change my life for the better. I have accomplished this simply by changing the way I look at food (I eat to live, not live to eat), started to exercise, no longer accepted excuses and most important, pure desire to help my niece, other people (friends and strangers) and myself. I know it's cliche to say, but I have discovered that if you really want something bad enough, you really can accomplish it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been so supportive of my quest. From the very beginning, when I just mentioned it "matter of factly" to my wife Mary, I was completely caught off guard by her immediate response that I should do it and her promise to have a "friend at every mile". Her undying encouragement always reminds me how lucky I am to have her in my life.

I would also like to thank my friend/trainer Rick who has refused to ever take any money from me for all of his hours of training, emails, phone calls and pats on the back, but instead only made me promise to give him a 100% effort on my part. My word is more important than any amount of money and my promise is always in the back of mind everyday making me give at least a 100% return on his investment. Thank you Rick for being a friend first and a trainer second.

Finally I would like to give thanks for the incredible support of my family, friends and other people that I didn't even know before this project. To hear that I have been an "inspiration" to the people in my life as well as complete strangers is incredibly humbling and one of the greatest rewards of this entire journey and my life. Without everyone's kind words and encouragement, I would never see the starting line, let alone the finish line. Thank you.

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